Linda L. Kreidler

Linda L. Kreidler | President | Kreidler Design Associates, Inc.

Drawing upon more than 50 years of experience in the field of Interior Design, Ms. Kreidler has excelled as the owner and president of Kreidler Design Associations Inc. since 1975. Based in Washington, D.C. and Lancaster, VA, she prides herself on working closely with clients to determine exactly how they want their living space or office to appear once the project is finished. Motivated by a great passion for her chosen line of work, Ms. Kreidler has forged longstanding relationships with various families throughout her local region, having designed their homes for over three generations.
Ms. Kreidler became involved in her career due to the influence of her family, which was suffused with artists; her brother is an Architect, and her mother and grandmother often dabbled in painting. Prior to establishing her independent venture, she studied Interior Design at Florida Southern College from 1967 to 1969. Following this period, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design at the National Academy of Design in 1971. After working as a designer for Lansburgh’s, a department store based in Washington, Ms. Kreidler worked at a tile shop, with which she specialized in bathroom and kitchen design between 1972 and 1975.
To remain aware of developments in the field, Ms. Kreidler maintains her affiliation with a number of pertinent organizations. Among them, she is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers, the International Furnishings and Design Association and the International Design Society. To commemorate her accomplishments, Ms. Kreidler has also accepted numerous accolades from clients and professional organizations alike.
In a career filled with highlights, Ms. Kreidler is proud to have designed the homes and restaurants of numerous corporations, politicians, and many other wonderful people in Washington, D.C. and Virginia. However, she draws far more gratification from the simple praise of her clients, whether they are famous or otherwise. Her work has also compelled her to travel far and wide throughout the United States, visiting more than 10 states in a two-year period alone. In accounting for her standout success, Ms. Kreidler credits her ability to step outside her comfort zone and experiment with new ideas, as well as her talent for creating an exemplary interior space for her clients based on a handful of conversations.

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